Experience the Next Generation        
        in Socket Wrench Technology



   Mag-Drive™ technology​

Longer Life
Patented Design
Exceeds ANSI Standards
Next Generation Technology



Free wheeling movement provides more control and more precise feel

Free wheeling movement prevents having to hold the socket when starting or working with loose bolts 

Superior Durability and Strength

Laboratory tested and evaluated with no detectable damage or wear after 50,000 strokes under load in both directions and failure torques 164+% of ASME standards.


Comparable high-end ratchet socket wrenches fail with badly worn teeth and severe slippage after only 27,300 strokes under load.




Magnetic drive direction selector provides smooth operation allowing for finger only direction changes on all sizes of wrenches

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Patented Wrench Technology





The Zero Degree® wrench is designed to use a hexagonal inner cam/driver that is integral with the square socket drive.
The cam/driver is surrounded by six cylindrical rollers that are, in turn, enclosed by a hardened cylindrical race that is machined into the forged steel handle. 

The rollers are held in position by a non-ferrous metal cage that shifts the wrench between forward and reverse.
Magnets (a newly patented design) hold the selector in position and two snap rings retain all of the components in the pocket in the head of the handle.

The roller clutch design uses cam rollers in place of teeth to provide a Zero Degree® swing arc, a Zero Degree® back-drive, significantly longer tool lifetimes, and greater than ANSI strength.



Proprietary Titanium Fusion Impregnation Plating

Strengthens the tools outside surface from dents and scratches

Strengthens the tools integral steel working parts for longer wear and smoother performance

Eliminates corrosion from acids and salts

Long lasting lustrous gold-colored finish

Gold color is patent protected on the socket wrench and pending on the combination wrenches


The Zero-Degree clutch roller design positively engages immediately in the drive direction, providing an instant grip and no slop.



Extremely effective in tight area, with less than 1° of arc, compared to ratchet gear socket wrenches that have an average of 5° to 12° degree swing arc.

Independently field-tested to be an average of 30% faster in tightening and loosening due to free play and more swing arc in tight places.

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Cycle and Proof Torque Testing

Cycle and Proof Torque testing per ASME B107.110-2012 on 1/4”, 3/8” & 1/2” drive Zero Degree ratchets.

One ratchet of each size was cycle tested per paragraph 10-3.10 which includes proof torque testing after completion of cycle testing.

Cycle testing was conducted by applying a repeating
load at the midpoint of the grip section for each ratchet at a frequency of 1 Hz.

After cycle testing the ratchets were subjected to Minimum Proof Torque testing and then loaded to

Cycle Testing Results

Minimum Proof Torque and
Failure Torque Testing